How can the “Mental Vacation” be an aid for Schools, Family and Friends?

How can the “Mental Vacation” be an aid for Schools, Family and Friends?

Parents of children and teachers in school feel left alone and urgently need support and new strategies for togetherness.

Through the “Mental Vacation” families and school classes can experience how important it is to have a strong team behind every individual and how to build such a team. Tools that help to learn with motivation and ease are also provided. So that everyone can experience joy going to school.

The “Mental Vacation” is designed that families (that includes your chosen family, so friends as well) and school classes spend 2 hours a week going through the program and tools together, reflecting on them and integrating everything newly learned into everyday life. They experience how different everyone is and learn how conflicts can be solved with positive attitudes. They get to understand how those who think differently, or other cultures are an enrichment and not a nuisance.

Both parents, teachers, and friends as well as the children experience how important it is to have a supportive team behind you, that will motivate you to have fun while discovering the best in you.

They can use the tools provided by the “Mental Vacation” to create projects together and reestablish resonance in their environment. They develop their skills and talents and find out how they can put them into practice immediately.

The aim is to discover and define how equal relationships can be lived and what is necessary for happy togetherness.

Why is this program especially important for schools, families?

School and family are the smallest socialization instance in a state. If the people in the families and schools are not doing well, the state is not doing well. We put a lot of time in research of new technical knowledge, but practically nothing into relationships and raising children. Establishing Resonance in the environment is crucial in order to live together in peace.

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