Love is the strongest force in the universe
(Albert Einstein)

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Our goal

To prepare parents, teachers and students for a future that we don't know what it will be like.

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What does love have to do with learning and school?

Very, very much. Teachers, parents and children do a great job and urgently need help on a relationship level. That's why I try to make the impossible possible and involve everyone.                      


I have been traveling with teachers, parents and kids for 50 years in many countries around the world. Therefore I can say that on good days teachers as well as parents and students are loving with each other. Then they create an atmosphere of love together and all the insecurities and tensions are blown away and learning is easy and fun.

We want to build this atmosphere of love, which is the basis for all learning, at every meeting and make the transfer to the school.


The online program "School of Joy" is not only for students (I call them Kids in the sequel, because I want to address every age group and so I don't have to gender), but also for teachers and parents.


  • The kids I address directly in the video
  • The Teachers watch the videos together with the kids in one of their lessons and can thus incorporate everything into their daily lessons.
  • The parents or parents' associations can follow what the children are learning at school with them at home at any time.

Video and training materials

Kids, teachers and parents get access to all training materials and can use them together at home.


The connections between kids, parents, and teachers are important because it's the only way they can work together to create a school that everyone loves to go to and loves to learn in. A team that stands behind you is needed by everyone - the teachers, the parents and the kids, so that you can all support each other.

On each trip you get rituals that improve the happy togetherness more and more.

Closed group on Instagram

Here you can all exchange ideas and also create projects with other groups


Interviews with people who are models and already live resonance in their everyday life together with others privately and professionally.


In class and at home there are always arguments and tensions?

You often feel tired and exhausted without really knowing why?

You feel pressure and stress from outside and inside?

Sitting in front of your homework for a long time and not making any progress?

You have trouble concentrating and listening?

You have too little time for things that are important to you?

You do too little exercise and your body hurts?

Not sticking to the things and projects you set out to do?

You are unhappy and annoyed and let your friends and classmates feel it too?

Our vision at the School of Joy

Strong inwardly balanced people go with confidence into a uncertain future and master unprecedented challenges.


Consciously experience the world of feelings and relationships

Instead of anxiety and stress


Create good atmosphere

Instead of loneliness and bullying


Learn easily and with pleasure

Instead of blockades and zero buck


Find your special one, be enthusiastic and motivated

Instead of boredom, addictions and cell phone use


We offer you wonderful journeys of discovery that take you to other worlds where you can find answers to all your questions. It is the world of quantum physics or the world of unconditional love, where everything can heal and you can start again with a whole new reset, if that is necessary for your inner peace. Peace is not just a word, peace is an atmosphere, a field that we create with our thoughts. This atmosphere, this field influences our conversations, our togetherness, this atmosphere leads to war, quarrels, insults or to happy, funny togetherness, which leads to many new ideas, to enthusiasm and to lightness.

On our online platform, you will learn how to combine subject knowledge from school with intuition and learning strategies in order to master difficult situations with ease in the future and to bring more joy back into your (school) everyday life.

HOW do we do it?

Dance between consciousness and unconsciousness
Travel between the worlds

Do you want

  • discover your strengths and talents?
  • experience your school class and family as a loving team?
  • find your personal learning style and implement it with enthusiasm?
  • Have more time again for things that are important to you?
  • Experience more ease instead of stress and pressure?
  • motivated and concentrated learning?
  • spend more time with your friends?

Through the new tools, the rediscovered strengths and talents, and the fun of success, the class community improves and relaxes, family life and strengthens not only the students but also the family bonds.


Our hypothesis

Kids who are internally balanced and stable learn easily and well and go into the future with confidence, even if they don't know what it will be like.

The scientific findings of physics and brain research are put into practice. We use what the kids do best: They learn to consciously immerse themselves in virtual worlds and experience that every school subject can be like a computer game.

Currently we are training only about 2 % of our brain. To access the large unconscious store of the brain, students learn mental training with breathing and relaxation techniques so that they can get all the answers from the vast unconscious store.

Like Einstein, children learn to travel back and forth between worlds and to use their brains in new ways. They get an instruction manual for the brain and the expertise is combined with intuition and gut feeling.

Thoughts cause chemical processes in the body with serious effects.

  • Positive thoughts make us strong and negative ones make us weak.
  • The kids experience that it is not the external circumstances that are the problem, but only our thoughts and the meaning we give to things and events.
  • All people have good days and bad days. Students learn smart strategies for consciously turning bad days into good days.

Students are given ways to get in touch with their light at each meeting. Heart Coherence Breathing is the first tool to connect their heart with the universal sun and feel embedded and supported.

We all carry a light within us. If you live your light, then you know who you are.
When you are in contact with the universal energy, you can always recharge your light. You are then in resonance: You feel yourself, the others, your environment and nature with all the elements. Your life and also school then make sense and you can learn concentrated and motivated. You always find access to your soul, your enthusiasm, your talents and are happy to grow up and help shape the future.

Personal best is only possible if everyone has a team behind them that he/she can trust. The kids experience the supportive value of a team in everyday life.

Rituals offered help to experience the school class as a team:
They discover the beauty in themselves and in others and look at what they are doing right and not just at mistakes.

Brain researcher Manfred Spitzer says:

Learning and happiness are in the same place in the brain.
That is, who is happy learns and who learns is happy.

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The children learn to travel back and forth between the conscious and unconscious worlds. On each journey, a particular landscape supports them as a holistic metaphor in the inner and outer worlds.


There are two realities - like Hogwarts School in Harry Potter or Jedi Knight School in the Star Wars movie. In many other movies, these two worlds are portrayed over and over again and are already realities for kids. Both realities are important and both realities enrich each other and it is urgent that we give the kids help and let them experience how and what they can do with it.


Structure of the processes

Special breathing techniques at each meeting
E.g.: Cardiac Coherence Breathing

Making successes conscious (focus change)

Deep meditations and transformation from negative to positive - Problems point a new direction

Transfer strategy
Note down experiences, share as a team and discuss how to apply what has been learned in everyday life.

Strengthen team: Rituals for each week
Potentiation through the power of the team

Theoretical input: For those who want to know more

Didactics and learning strategies:
Simplification of processes through ritualization and metaphors such as dancing, storytelling, performing, drawing, painting, music.           

We wish you a lot of fun on the different journeys.


The program

1 hour / video (8 videos in total)

  • The program runs over Computer and smartphone in the protected member area.
  • No preparation is necessary.
  • The videos build on each other and should be viewed in the suggested order.
  • The program costs € 290 per class per school year.
  • Pupils and teachers are given access.
  • A fully structured, proven, science-based online course
    • one video/month that can be played at any time
    • Tools to recharge your batteries
    • Practical exercises and deep meditations to transform fears and problems and thereby stabilize strengths and talents
    • Rituals that help to experience the school class as a loving team
    • short theoretical inputs
    • Access to the exclusive Resonanz Valley Community
    • Regular live sessions with Dr. Gundl Kutschera (at least once a month)

Additional benefits for teachers

For teachers, the program is also a Continuing education, because they can apply all the tools they have learned in their teaching.

The following proven and certified textbooks are available for in-depth study:

  • "Dance between consciousness and unconsciousness", Dr. Gundl Kutschera, 1994
  • "The Century of Consciousness," Dr. Gundl Kutschera, 2020.
  • "Susi and Funki," Dr. Gundl Kutschera and Charlotte Czillag, 2008
  • "Trance 1 - Journeys to your Self", Dr. Gundl Kutschera, 2011
  • "Trance 2 - Resen to Togetherness", Dr. Gundl Kutschera, 2018.
  • Summary results of our 35 years of research in schools:

"sociology today", 2015

School of Joy for schools & educational institutions

Schools can buy inexpensive licenses for school classes - so all students get their own access for learning at school or at home.

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