How can the „Mental Vacation” help with your health?

How can the „Mental Vacation” help with your health?

 Autoaggression and autoimmune disorders are on the rise. Many people are afraid of getting sick and no longer being able to meet their obligations and financial needs.

Through the “Mental Vacation” you get ongoing support from Gundl Kutschera, her team and the many tools, to show you how to be healthy, find and live your zest for life and quality of life again, while also feeling comfortable in your body again.


The “Mental Vacation” is a wonderful prevention program for health and could relieve the overloaded health care system. It is also a great support to conventional medicine in order to promote the healing process in acute and chronic illnesses.

The “Mental Vacation” is inspired by a fitness centre in order for you stay on the path of finding balance within yourself and with others, and to reconnect with nature. You will learn how fears and despair can be transformed into something new and step by step you will be able to see the light on the horizon again and your life can be meaningful again.


A main aspect is also for you to experience again and again how strengthening and beneficial it is to have a team behind you that believes in you, supports you and motivates you again and again to continue discovering your strengths and to live them together.

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