Why mental vacation for leaders and teams?

Why mental vacation for leaders and teams?

 In the Mental Vacation you learn:

  • how your team and you can take proper, balanced leadership in your area of responsibility
  • how you can support each other and create a positive, productive environment
  • how to combine expertise with gut feeling and intuition

The ultimate goal is for everyone to enjoy going to work and being able to enjoy their successes together.

You can think of a company like a machine. Consisting of many different parts that need to work together for the machine to run smoothly.

The better the gears work together in the company, the healthier the employees are and the more successful the company is.

Just like in sports, you can experience how wonderful it is to have a trusting team behind you and behind every person in your company. You will experience how much creativity can be unfolded and how much joy you can create in your own area of responsibility and in working together if a balanced environment is established. In the “Mental Vacation” you will learn the basis for good leadership and a balanced life.

The “Mental Vacation” is a mental fitness center in which teams spend 2 hours a week together, going through the program and tools, reflecting on them, applying them and enjoying their successes and process together. Employees learn a new way to solve conflicts, to recognize hidden agendas and to use them in conversations. They also learn how to access their soul, experience what is meaningful in life. By achieving a work-life balance, people can have a good time at work instead of dreading to go there every day.